1 Introduction

This standard was developed by the member organisations of the Digital Data Exchange, LLC (DDEX) and provides a suite of messages that give a uniform mechanism for the exchange of Sound Recording, Music Video and related sales data with and between Music Licensing Companies. The exchange of such data with and between Music Licensing Companies is required to meet the requirements of bilateral agreements between the Music Licensing Companies that administer the rights of record companies and performers in several territories.

This standard defines the Recording Data and Rights Notification standard (RDR-N). DDEX may, over time, develop Profiles of this standard. Messages created in accordance with such Profiles are expected to be largely compatible with the standard.

Any organisation wishing to implement this (or any other DDEX standard) is required to apply for an Implementation Licence. Information about the Implementation Licence, its terms and conditions and access to an application form can be found here and here.