Recording Data and Rights Notification

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Version 1.5 provides the functionality to better report Compilations for private copy levy revenue has been added. Changes to the HostSoundCarrier composite includes a new element called NumberOfTracksInCarrier and a new flag called MessageSenderIsCompilationCreator. As a result of this change the element CompilationType has been deprecated;

Version 1.5 provide the mechanism to identify library music though the use of two new elements (OriginalPurpose and CommercialAvailability).

In Verion 1.5 the RightsController has moved up one level to enable the indication of rights control ownership by territory.

Version 1.5 also provides minor updates such as the clean-up of the Territory AVS in contexts where Worldwide is not an appropriate value such as place of birth, or country of creation; and other additions of allowed values to GoverningAgreeementType and VersionType.

Version 1.5 now also provides an IsRemastered flag in SoundRecording and Video composites in alignment to the Electronic Release Notification Message Suite Standard.

Version 1.5 allows for the notification of AudioStem and VideoStem in alignment with RecordingComponent in the Electronic Release Notification Message Suite Standard and Recording Information Notification.

In addition, Version 1.5 contains three new messages relating to collection mandates: AssertionOfCollectionMandateMessageAssertionOfCollectionMandateStatusUpdateMessage and RevokeCollectionMandateMessage.

Finally, all messages in Version 1.5 contain a mandatory AvsVersionId XML attribute. The AvsVersionId at publication is 1. DDEX may update the list of allowed value sets (AVS) over time and therefore might increase the AvsVersionId over time. At that stage, the then current AvsVersionId will be made public on the DDEX Knowledge Base.

Version 1.4 contains various minor updates, including a better description of artists and contributors and a closer alignment of role codes to ERN and RIN. In addition, Version 1.4 contains a new message to allow recipients of DeclarationOfSoundRecordingRightsClaimMessages to report the status of such rights claims back to the sender of the claim message.


Version 1.3.1 corrects a bug that removed essential role code. These codes have been added back in.

Version 1.3 provides support for VRDB2 communication as well as some other minor enhancements.

Version 1.2 updates the choreography and adds support for performer societies' data requirements.

Version 1.1 provides support for legacy territories and TIS territory codes as well as the ability to communicate the same richness in performer information as is possible in  the Release Notification Message Suite Standard.

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